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Clip-on guide rings from igus, instead of elaborately punched PTFE tapes07.08.2014

Lubrication-free piston rings available in new dimensions

Where PTFE tapes have to be expensively customised and fitted, the iglidur piston rings from igus can be simply clipped on the piston or bolt. This affordable option from igus is now available in a variety of sizes and materials.

Whether in driving elements in the packaging and medical systems or in construction and agricultural machinery, the lubrication-free piston rings from igus have proved successful for years. The igus customers can select from the entire iglidur catalogue range with 45 different materials and even configure their piston ring themselves. Particularly predestined materials here are iglidur J350 for high-temperature applications, the FDA-compliant iglidur A180 or the wear-resistant all-rounder iglidur J. These are also available now from stock in 24 special piston ring sizes.

Easy and quick assembly
The clip-on piston rings allow long-term use without external lubrication, maintenance or replacement of the polymer rings. Where PTFE tapes have to be punched in a complicated procedure and assembled in several steps, the piston rings from igus are simply clipped onto the piston rod or in the housing, they can be pushed to the desired position and already have the piston ring captively mounted and the assembly of the entire unit can continue. Errors in installation can then virtually be excluded.

The iglidur piston rings are suitable for linear and/or rotary and pivoting movements and are ideal not only for “clean” applications in medical and packaging technology, but also for “rugged” applications in construction or agricultural machines due to their freedom from lubrication, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. By their low cost and durability, they are a cheap alternative to PTFE tapes.