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Fully sealed and abrasion resistant – new ISO Class 1 cleanroom e-chain from igus13.08.2014

CRC e-chain for a clean, abrasion-resistant energy supply

igus GmbH introduces an energy chain specially designed for the cleanroom, which offers a very high abrasion resistance whilst being a completely sealed system. It has been awarded the highest clean room certification - class ISO 1.

There is a growing demand for cleanroom applications in various industrial sectors. Technical requirements for components used in these environments are therefore also increasing steadily. An abrasion-resistant energy supply is an essential part of any moving cleanroom equipment. For this environment, igus has developed its new CRC cleanroom e-chain (Clean Room Chain) to prevent contamination through the collection of potential abrasion particles within a corrugated hose.

This "enclosure" of the actual energy chain and cables is itself exceptionally abrasion resistant. All components including strain relief and mounting brackets allow for a hermetically sealed interior, ensuring that cleanroom compatibility is guaranteed even under high loads and cycle lives.

The flexibility of the outer cover allows not only reliable and robust operation of the energy supply system, but also easy maintenance and inspection of the cables with a simple opening mechanism.

High speeds and accelerations are also possible, such as are needed for pick-and-place applications. The complete energy chain system, including chainflex cables with low abrasion jacket materials, is all specified together to guarantee the system performs well in such cases.

Top marks
Due to these properties, the CRC cleanroom e-chain has been assigned the DIN ISO Class 1 by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute, without any restrictions. It therefore meets all the performance requirements for use in the most demanding applications like those found in medical, semiconductor and automotive industries. It is currently offered in two standard inner widths (38 mm and 103 mm). The inner height is 24 mm and the outer height is 59 mm. Options with the minimum bend radii of 150 mm, 175 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm and 250 mm are available. As for all e-chain types, igus offers a free online 3D CAD data for all parts to allow easy integration into the customer’s design.