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A clean energy solution with igus on board22.10.2014

Automated docking of a floating power plant in the Hamburg harbour reduces emissions

The “Hummel” LNG HYBRID barge was baptised in a ceremony in Hamburg’s Hafencity. Cruise ships can now be supplied with power whilst in port, thanks to the use of this floating LNG power plant. It uses environmentally-friendly liquefied natural gas – LNG. This saves fuel and reduces cruise ships’ emissions. The coupling process takes place at the dock using a complete solution from the switching cabinet to the connectors.

Normally, the ships’ own on-board generators continue to run in order to supply the cruise ships with electricity during their time in port. Becker Marine Systems designed and built the “Hummel” HYBRID LNG barge for the Port of Hamburg in order to reduce pollution in the future. Hummel is a floating LNG power plant which supplies cruise liners with electrical power. The leading energy supply experts at igus were brought into the project in order to deliver the energy from the barge to the docks, where they are then connected to cruise ships. igus is used to providing customised solutions, but this was a new case as all the electronics and steel structures were designed and supplied by igus.

Automatic connection
As soon as the barge arrives at its berth, a gangway moves out, connecting staff on board with the shore. Energy chains from igus are underneath this gangway carrying four thick 6-10kV cables with connectors. These are connected to large power supply boxes as soon as the gangway is docked and the chains are connected. The system connecting the barge must also compensate for the constant motion due to waves and tidal fluctuations. The barge will come into regular use for the 2015 cruise season.